Alumni - Tan Lee Yin

Due to the wonderful feedback by practitioners from the same industry, I decided to pursue my studies here in Kolej Dika which specializes in Early Childhood Education programmes. Not only did it help me become proficient in this field, the flexible timetable allowed me to work and study simultaneously. I developed a positive attitude towards my studies and I was provided with the right skills and knowledge to work with children when taking on different roles.

Dedicated and passionate, lecturers in Kolej Dika had always went the extra mile to ensure that we fully understand all our subjects, especially the fundamentals of Early Childhood Education. Pursuing my Diploma here has enabled me to better understand a child’s development, thus, I was trained to creatively think, design and plan developmental appropriate activities for children. Apart from having a strong theoretical base, I’ve had many hands on experiences in children-related events held by other organizations as well. Overall, Kolej Dika had enriched me with invaluable opportunities which moulded me and helped me become a better educator.


Tan Lee Yin, Class of 2009
Alumni - Lee Pei Yan (Zoe)

Kolej Dika offers a comprehensive early childhood education programme equivalent to the first year of a Degree course. Throughout my studies here, my teaching experience has improved significantly through their holistic programme and conducive learning environment. I admire how Kolej Dika gives equal emphasis to both theoretical and the practical application of knowledge and skills in a wide range of early childhood settings. The dedicated lecturers here are top notch mentors who gave me the guidance and support I need and they were always willing to help students to be high-achievers. Kolej Dika has taught me that everyone can be an educator by sharing knowledge with each other and it has given me the inspiration to develop and improve education in various aspects in the future.


Lee Pei Yan (Zoe), Class of 2016

I first graduated as an Illustrator, but my interest and passion in helping special needs children led me to pursue my Diploma in Special Education in Kolej Dika which was the nearest and most affordable college. Lecturers in Kolej Dika have had many years of experience in the special education industry and they are willing to share their vast knowledge with every student. Combining the knowledge that I’ve obtained from both art and special education, I’m developing educational products that are easily accessible for children in need. Pursuing special educations in Kolej Dika has taught me to think further and deeper about every child’s needs and to be more observant of everything surrounding me too. I’ve grown to be more responsible and I’m now capable of managing my time more wisely. I’ve also developed better presentation skills and thinking skills in addition to learning how to cope with stress. Kolej Dika has helped me understand that no one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

Lim Pei Yen, Current Student

At Kolej Dika, the deep yet wide-ranging diploma curriculum provides the knowledge and skills necessary to accomplish the crucial task of caring for and educating young children, and enabled me to pursue specific areas of interest. This was enhanced by the dedicated individuals in the highly qualified and experienced academic team.

My learning journey was very rewarding, motivating, and inspirational. Our cohort was ethnically rich and wide-ranging in early childhood experience: from young ladies to mothers, and even one grandma – a passionate and committed practitioner. This diversity not only helped us during team projects, but also taught us to respect and appreciate cultural and stylistic differences in ECCE, which is particularly important in our multi-cultural society.

Ong Tan Tan, Class of 2005