The philosophy behind the Kolej Dika brand is that teaching is an art. At Kolej Dika teachers are not merely taught to teach. Teachers are inspired to teach young children to be independent as well as knowledgeable. Teaching young children is a creative process that involves the constant need to keep up with the advancements in early childhood education.



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Chairman’s Message

Blazing the Trail in Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education sector has been making great strides in Malaysia. Circumstances were very different before, even in the early 2000s, when teachers trained in early childhood education (ECE) were practically a novel concept. Gratefully, the early education landscape has shown significant progress since then. The primary driver for change has been greater awareness of the importance of early childhood education for the future of the nation.
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International Partner

NZTC Bachelor of Education
(Early Childhood Education)

nztc-logo_0_0New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) has been providing early childhood teacher education for over 34 years. Our qualifications are internationally recognised and approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).

We are proud to partner with Dika College in the delivery of the NZTC Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education), approved by the Malaysia Qualifications Agency and the Department of Higher Education. We look forward to welcoming students into this degree qualification in Malaysia and providing them with the opportunity to pathway into further study options in New Zealand.

NZTC Chief Executive, Selena Fox

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Kolej Dika’s programmes are designed to be industry relevant emphasising on practical teaching methods to help students at the work place. Kolej Dika has established industry collaborations that enable easy access for students to gain work experience or to pursue a degree either locally or abroad. Kolej Dika’s track record in producing highly employable graduates is attributed to its specially designed programmes that include industrial projects, school visits, workshops and focus on experiences in the real world. Here students are not only kept abreast with current practices in early childhood education, they also get the opportunity to experience teaching young children with the integrated modules learnt at Kolej Dika.

Innovative Academic Programme

Kolej Dika trains students to be educators with sound understanding of the learning needs of young children. The philosophy of the courses is to prepare students to become qualified professional educators and advocates of early childhood education. The comprehensive academic programmes with its emphasis on practical placement that is offered at Kolej Dika is one of strategies of success. Its curriculum is specially designed to emphasis on the professional development of the students. This is achieved by being in touch with the primary industry players to acquire practical feedback. A majority of these industry players are select kindergartens where Kolej Dika students get their practical training.

International Affiliations


Kolej Dika has forged strategic partnerships with leading institutions in New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore in order to give their students the exposure they need to fare in the competitive international market. Through its degree programmes, students are given the option to study with an international partner in order to gain knowledge and experience of teaching trends at the international level.

I am Competent

I am Caring

I am Creative

I am Committed

I am Courageous

Academic Expertise

Experienced and Competent Educators

The teaching faculty at Kolej Dika are experts in the early childhood education and challenge students with creative as well as practical teaching approaches. The criteria to become a Dika lecturer are expectedly high. They must have at least five years of working experience with young children. Lecturers are predominantly Masters and Bachelors degrees holders. Most of the lecturers at Kolej Dika are also invested in the development of early childhood education in Malaysia.

  • Tan Lee Yin
    Due to the wonderful feedback by practitioners from the same industry, I decided to pursue my studies here in Kolej Dika which specializes in Early Childhood Education programmes. Not only did it help me become proficient in this field, the
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  • Lee Pei Yan (Zoe)
    Kolej Dika offers a comprehensive early childhood education programme equivalent to the first year of a Degree course. Throughout my studies here, my teaching experience has improved significantly through their holistic programme and conducive learning environment. I admire how Kolej
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  • Lim Pei Yen
    I first graduated as an Illustrator, but my interest and passion in helping special needs children led me to pursue my Diploma in Special Education in Kolej Dika which was the nearest and most affordable college. Lecturers in Kolej Dika
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